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Список использованных источников

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Список опубликованных работ по теме
1. «Майра» пьесасының маңызы. Қызылорда облыстық «Сыр бойы» газеті, желтоқсан 2009 ж.

2. Сырда туған жаңа Гейне бейнесі. «Сыр бойы» газеті, сәуір 2010 ж.

3. Ә.Тәжібаев – драматург-сыншы. «Сыр бойы» газеті, мамыр 2010 ж.

General characteristic of job
Urgency of research: After declaration by our country of the sovereignty and the findings of independence have appeared opportunities for all-round research of rich creativity of the outstanding representative of the Kazakh poetry, literary researcher, talented interpreter, large playwright Abdilda Tajybaev. This job is devoted to deep research of the plays, written on a various themes becoming per different years an innovation of the Kazakh stage.

The purposes and research problems: the purpose of job - to define(determine) influence of performances put, on the basis of dramatic art А.Tajybaev per 1930-1970 years on the Kazakh stage, on development of theatrical art.

Scientific novelty of research: Magistrical job - the first uniform work, in which from the modern point of view also is comprehensively covered a heritage А.Tajybaev in art. The novelty of a theme - is given the characteristic drama of activity of the writer and his role in a history of the Kazakh theatre is determined.

Degree scientific develope of a theme: About today dramaturgation of product А.Tajybaev were not object of special research. For the first time given theme is investigated on мagistric a level, and dramurgically the due estimation is given to skill of the writer, his(its) heritage in theatrical art and work. In the national encyclopedia, various book collections, proceedings and monographic jobs the life both poetic art and learning А.Tajybaev is widely covered. In due time such figures as А.Baitursinov, М.Jumabaev, J.Aymauitov, М.Dulatovic, S.Kojanuli, Т.Jurgenov, N.Torekululi, С.Saparbekuli, Т.Ryskululi precisely have defined(determined) talent of the poet and is warmly expressed his(its) creativity. Except for them, such poets - writers as С.Seifullin, Б.Maylin, I.Jansugurov, S.Mukanov in due time could see in a motley literary number(line) poetic talent А.Tajybaev. The jobs А.Tajybaev are not disregarded in scientific research jobs both published in the newspapers and magazines clauses known artmen and literature scient, philologists, large scientists М.Auezov, S.Maulenova, S.Ordalieva, R.Nurgalieva, К.Ergobeka, theatreman К.Kuandikov, B.Kundakbaev, А.Sygay, А.Kadyrova, B.Nurpeis. In the periodic editions there were clauses devoted to scenic statements dramaturgic of products А.Tajybaev. The drama creations of the owner of unsurpassed talent in different time were comprehensively investigated on pages of the newspapers " Socialist Kazakhstan " (" Egemen Kazakhstan ") ", Soviet culture ", Kazakh literature ", " Turkistan ", " Saryarka wave ", "? Literature prostor ", " Almaty akshami ", and magazines "Star", "Kazakhstan school ". And in " the Histories of the Kazakh theatre " are stated opinions on performances put on the basis of the first plays of the playwright. Nevertheless, was not widely analysed and the role of dramatic art А.Tajybaev in development of the Kazakh theatrical art is disassembled with theatreknow of the point of view. Therefore we have put the purpose to pay attention to this urgent problem and to write special scientific job.

Object of research: drama products А.Tajybaev, written in 1930-1970 years.

Sources of research: In magystral to job as sources the materials and clauses published on pages of the periodic editions, monographies, scientific research works are used taking place in National and Central scientific library of Republic of Kazakhstan, archives of republican theatres.

Practical value of job: the conclusions, offered in the given job, can be used as the manual on special rates devoted " to a History of the Kazakh theatre " and development of dramatic art, academies of arts, colleges of arts. Besides the materials and specification of research job in the future can be used as the additional help by the researchers of creativity А.Tajybaev.

Structure of job: Magistric the job consists of introduction two sections and conclusion. In the end the list of the used literature is given.
The basic contents of job
In introduction the overall objectives and research problems are proved a urgency of a theme,, scientific novelty of job, the items of information about develope of a theme, object of research and practical value of job are given. The general(common) concept of research and structure of job is offered. The borders of research cover dramas written by the playwright in 1930-1970 years.

The first section - " a Place of comedies А.Tajybaev on the Kazakh stage " - begins with a narration about ways of the poet - playwright named in due time " as the lyrical poet of the large idea ", to unknown to him earlier to sphere of dramatic art. The writer who has received support of the senior generation, did not lag behind from сверстников in воспевании of the time. Continuous search and aspiration А.Tajybaev promoted updating of his literary heritage by all new creations. This aspiration has resulted it in scale searches in sphere of dramatic art.

The interest of the poet - playwright А.Tajybaev to a drama has appeared in 40 years of the last century. Then, his play " And?? айы? ", written together with М.О.Auezov has received a prize on republican competition. After that from under пера of the playwright send constructed on legendary and мytholigic plots of the play " Jomart's carpet ", " Kuterilgen kumbez” (later named " Halkim turali aniz "). However, accused on вымышленной to the reason that in his drama products there is a deviation(rejection) from the Soviet ideology, the poet has undergone to persecutions. And in the decision from 26.08.1946" About repertoir of drama theatres and measures on his(its) improvement " the named products have undergone to criticism.

In 1964 the playwright А.Tajybaev has let out the collection of the plays, in which such dramas how "Mayra", " Only tree don’t forest " (originally issued under the name " Experience, has given! "), " Friends ", "? Girl and the soldier ", "Monologs" and comedy products " by that " Dubai Shubaevic ". The playwright has filled repertoir a grid of the Kazakh theatres with such substantial, solid products. Due to the indefatigable search the talented writer has let out the collection of monographic researches and critical clauses "? Not poetry " (1960), "Kazakh drama progress " (1971). These jobs of steel by one of the most significant contributions of the writer to development of the Kazakh dramatic art.

Though the plays А.Tajybaev also do not consist of especially fascinating stages, their plots hold the readers and spectators in a constant pressure(voltage). Known theatrical critic B.Kundakbaev about his drama products: " the Drama products А.Tajybaev find a way to heart of the people borrow of events, art effectiveness. From products of the poet веет the fresh wind of poetry, feels freedom think. Therefore in monologue and dialogues the internal energy is strong, having rummaged. And all this is entered in a nature of a genre ", - so he is exact has described features of the plays А.Tajybaev. Continuing this idea it is possible to say, that А.Tajybaev, opposing characters of the characters, gradually leads up to the culmination inducing collision event. According to his description, each image, according to a place certain public status, marital status has conclusion. Everyone is allocated with character, inherent only in him, substantial speech. His(its) characters are well adapted to life and adequately resist to difficulties.

In 1940-1970 years the drama products А.Tajybaev have borrowed (occupied) a strong place in repertoirs of theatres. His(its) poetic products have affected various themes considerably on harmonious development of director's and actor's art at theatre. Per different years on a stage of the Kazakh state theatre by him(it). М.Auezov his(its) dramas " Jomart’s carpet ", " Experience, has given! ", " Dubai Shubaevic ", "Mayra", " Only tree don’t forest ", by that ", " Friends ", " Halkim turali aniz ".

And at the Kazakh academic theatre for children and youth by him(it). G.Musrepov such plays how " Jomart's carpet ", "Jartas", "? Girl and the soldier ", " Sagynamin korgen sayin ".

А.Tajybaev has left to the future generation an immortal heritage. The creations, written to them, till now use national during. Each year per day of his(its) death on pages of all newspapers and magazines his(its) devoted life of clause leave.

The comedy products А.Tajybaev have brought in the large contribution in становление and development of the Kazakh theatre. By means of the world of poetry and drama creations he could inform up to the reader difficult and severe times ХХ of century. All this is in detail described in the first section.

In the second section the Role of the plays А.Tajybaev, written by poetic language " is comprehensively considered (examined) ". It is done(made) not simply so. For А.Tajybaev, the poet, who has chosen destiny, and most part of which creativity was made by(with) poetry, the drawing up of the plays in language poetic’s was not alien business.

However, in the beginning to grow on of the Kazakh theatre on a stage those classical plays were put only which were written as verses. The dramas, put in this year, "Ayman-Sholpan", "? Kobylandy " М.Auezov, “Akan sery – Aktoty” G.Musrepov have opened to the poetic plays a way to the Kazakh dramatic art. And the products klassic of Russian poetry creating graceful and rich language, А.Pushkin, А.Blok, S.Esenin, А.Tvardovsky essentially have affected the Kazakh poets of a new wave.

After М.Auezov and G.Musrepov the style of a spelling of the plays was continued by poetic language А.Tajybaev. The products which have appeared as a result of his(its) creative inspiration, are complete of a poetic impulse, lyrical feelings and romantic spirit. Praising from don’t way images of the Soviet people and political-social themes, he objectively criticized the truth. The ideological direction in products А.Tajybaev is closely connected with " positive and negative in the socialist plan by the characters ". Because the strictest requirements and incessant public, domestic appeals of the Soviet socialist realism became the main theme. The playwright, by means of industrial and patriotogical by that, described the present vital contradictions, collision of characters of the people of the Soviet time.

The poetic plays А.Tajybaev have begun to put on a stage of the Kazakh academic theatre for children and youth by him(it). G.Musrepov in 60-70-х years. His drama poems "Girl and the soldier " (1967), "Monologs" were put on a theatrical stage as experiment. The poet - playwright about the poetic plays: "... I like to be the poet in dramatic art, to speak a word of the poet. The attributes of these my desires can be looked after in all my jobs. Especially these attributes are appreciable in such products how " Mayra "," Jartas "," Koterilgen kumbez "," Jomarts’s carpet": they are written in verses ", - he speaks. About a drama poem "Monologs": " Here drama line is held by(with) two characters. One of them the author, second - time. Between these two go dispute how to understand times, people, as them воспевать, and people, about which wanted to tell the author begin to speak monologue about itself. The time at me plays a role of a fair guarantee of the truth, criticism зазнавшегося of the poet and destroy of illusions, created by him ". In opinion of the playwright, the basis making by the poet of epoch, man is connected to authority of time. That is he proves, that the time is a fair guarantee and critication of any event.

А.Tajybeav - playwright, start to a beginning to statement on a stage of the Kazakh theatre of performances written by poetic language. His(its) poetic products became an innovation in the Kazakh dramatic art. For this reason in this section the statements of the poetic plays of the talented writer " Completely analyzed? the soldier ", "Mayra", " Jomarts carpet ".

The poetic creations А.Tajybaev in due time have found a way to heart of public and have expanded creative horizons of theatres. The difficult hooligan of a joke and playable humour in speeches of his(its) characters are shown in a philosophical key and include art realism. The poetic products of the playwrights covering political and social life of the Soviet society(community), are connected with patritogical by spirit and are complete by a sincere love melody.

А.Tajybaev - lyrical poet managed to absorb in poetic traditions such classic as W.Shakespeare, J.Molier, N.Gogol, М.Auezov, G.Musrepov. How much of time has passed, talented creations which have left from under it, will not lose the value.

In the conclusion the results of research job are submitted. The basic themes of products А.Tajybaev, equally talently writing both in a genre of poetry, and in dramatic art, are devoted to the description of a role of work in life of the man, high purposes and calling, natural phenomena, and also mastering by bright images of the people and call in them of failure(refusal) of all bad. He authentically described life and life of the people living under the control of the Soviet government. According to his(its) description, each image, according to a place certain public status, marital status has conclusion. Everyone is allocated with character, inherent only in him, substantial speech. His(its) characters are well adapted to life and adequately resist to difficulties.

Analyzing features and thematic values written in a genre of dramatic art of products А.Tajybaev, it is possible to reach the following conclusions:

1) an art level and ideological contents of products А.Tajybaev consist of the description of successes and gross blunders in socialist строе;

2) the poet - playwright searching for a ways of expansion of an art outlook, fruitfully worked in three directions: first - wrote lyrical and at the same time critical verses, second - composed by art language of a poems having philosophical value, third - using receptions of the symbolical description, has written dramaturgical of the play;

3) the talented writer equally successfully worked in such genres as poetry, prose, dramatic art, literary criticism;

4) the basic themes of creations of the foremen - poets having wide scope, were beauty of a nature, life of the man and гуманизм, role of the honour man in a society(community);

5) with the help of lyrical verses А.Tajybaev skilfully denied false substantiations of the metaphysical conclusions " the theories бесконфликтности ", accepted in the Soviet literature;

6) in poetic products and plays of the writer the national character and national spirit is precisely traced;

7) in drama creations А.Tajybaev the special place borrow(occupy) " Jomarts carpet ", " Koterilgen kumbez ", " Біз де? аза? пыз ". In these three plays the history of submission of the Kazakhs and their aspiration to freedom is comprehensively opened;

8) in comedies " Only tree don’t forest ", " Friends ", " Dubai Shubaevic ", is skilfully described by “Toi bolarda" an image of the contemporary;

9) the plays "? Girl and the soldier ", "Mayra", " Jomart's carpet ", written by poetic language are complete of art receptions and sated colours;

10) the poetic plays consist of mysterious and at the same time spunky dialogues and monologue;

11) А.Tajybaev gave the special meaning(importance) symbolical, philosophical, latent, substantial meaning(importance) of the names in themes of the products;

12) in the plays of the playwright the positive and negative images of the characters are felt;

13) in the products adhered to a direction of symbolism generated Meterlink and Ibson at theatres of Western Europe in the end XIX and the beginning XX of centuries;

14) in the Kazakh dramatic art послевоенного of the period among the plays written on a theme of the Soviet government, was of poorly strong products with fascinating structure. Among them " Досты? Foams махаббат " (1947), " To? ншілдік " (1955) А.Abisheva, " Experience, has given " (1952) А.Tajybaev, "Millioner" (1950) G.Mustafin, " Мy love " (1952) М.Imanjanova and other products promoted development of the Kazakh dramatic art.

А.Tajybaev has brought the significant contribution to development of the Kazakh dramatic art. The inspired, universal creations of the poet have opened a new poetic direction for director's and actor's art. The adopted invaluable knowledge and experience from an image of the contemporary and poetry transferred(handed) А.Tajybaev, foreman of a stage К.Kuanishbaev, К.Badyrov, R.Koishybaeva, S.Maykanova, B.Rimova, N.Janturin, И.Nogaybaev, К.Karmysov, Х.Bokeeva, Т.Tasybekova, Н.Myshbaeva, G.Galiev, G.Syzdykova, S.Orazbaev.

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